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Well epilated & eyebrows are more popular than ever.

At Celebs Hair & Beauty you can go for brow shaping without or with eyebrow dyeing! The RefectoCil paint or the Henna Brows are the ideal products to highlight your eyebrows.

The eyebrow dye adheres to the skin between the hairs, creating the illusion of more voluminous eyebrows. This treatment is therefore an absolute must. In addition, henna or refectofil eyebrow paint is also suitable for people with gray eyebrows. The long-lasting effect of this product is also a plus. RefectoCil - Paint lasts 2 to about 4 weeks and the Henna paint 4 to 6 weeks! Long-term pleasure guaranteed! Thanks to the make-up effect of the product, you don't have to work with powders or pencils for the first few weeks.